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Explore our range of Fixtures today at Any-Lamp! Get the lowest price guaranteed and great savings on large orders!

What Is A Fixture? 

A fixture typically consists of a housing, a reflector or light source. It’s function is to protect the lamp from humidity, dust and touch; as well as ensure a good distribution of light.

Most fixtures can be used in a variety of locations such as homes, schools, offices restaurants and hotels.

They are also available in a wide range of designs so you can find something to suit your environment.  

How Do You Choose The Right Fixture?

Your choice of lighting and fixture depends on both the type of bulb you want to install and the purpose of your lighting.

Important factors to consider are:

  • The location of the fixture – indoor or outdoors.
  • Mounting – surfaced or recessed.
  • Where it will be mounted – ceiling, wall, floor or table.
  • Shape - angular, circular, oval, rectangular, squared and other.

If you require any special features such as sensors or emergency lighting then this should be considered too.

Types of Fixtures

LED lighting: This is ideal if you want to reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%! LED has much longer life than halogen or fluorescent tubes and can provide up to 30,00 more hours of light.

Indoor lighting: Our indoor lighting fixtures can only be used indoors and are intended to add both design and practical features to your room.  

Outdoor lighting : Outdoor lighting can have many different purposes such as security, attention or pleasure. Again these types of fixtures should only be used outside.

Industrial and Commercial lighting: Here you can find a wide variety of different fixtures for ceiling / wall and ground lighting, which are intended for industrial and commercial use. We also provide options such as flood lights and security lights that can be used in offices or sports areas.



Our Philips fixture collection consist of the Philips CoreLine range.

Most of our Philips fixtures include bulbs and ballasts therefore installation is quick and easy. Some fixtures require the bulbs to be ordered separately so consider this when purchasing your fixture. 

This information will be stated in the characteristics of the product.

Philips fixtures of have a 1 year warranty for bulbs below 25 000 hours and 3 years for above 25 000 hours.


The LINDEN fixtures are from our very own brand here at Any-Lamp therefore quality and performance is ensured. Some LINDEN fixtures require bulbs or ballasts that can only be found in our Philips range.

All LINDEN LED fixtures have a 3 year warranty.


Our range of SLV fixtures instantly add quality and style to any room. We offer a range of  colours and designs, with various different mounting options available. Our fixtures include standard sockets such as E27 and GU10 therefore you can find something to suit you.

Please note most fixtures do not come with bulbs therefore they must be purchased separately.

All SLV fixtures have a 1 year warranty.