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Any-Lamp.com : Official Philips Reseller

Any-Lamp.com is an official Philips reseller. We are a completely independant company, but we offer the Philips branded products in order to ensure the best quality.      Logo Philips

Here are the products available on Any-Lamp.com :

LED Lamps

A LED lamp is made up of one or more LED's (light emitting diodes). LED lights are energy efficient and have a long life span. The most sold LED lamp is Philips Master LED bulb 8W. With this LED Lamp you can replace all your 50W lamps. A number of different LED Lamps are increasing in our range of products.

Halogen Lamps

The halogen is a variant of the bulb. The glass enclosure is filled with a halogen gas (under high pressure). A halogen lamp is usually smaller than a light bulb. Halogen lamps are still in demand and of course available in our range of products.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (PL lamps)

The compact fluorescent lamp is very similar to the CFL and is particularly suitable for professional use. This lamp doesn’t have an electronic ballast, and therefore can be ordered separately. Compact fluorescent lamps have a different fitting than CFLs. You can easily recognize the fitting with 2 or 4 pins.

Fluorescent Tubes

The fluorescent lamp is an elongated tube, in which electric current is sent through a shaft. Due to a gas discharge in the lamp there is a luminous radiation. The fluorescent layer on the light determines the color of the light. There are many different types of fluorescent tubes. These are available in our range of products. Modern fluorescent bulbs are very energy efficient and have a long life span. Fluorescent lamps are available in various sizes, noting the length and the diameter (26mm = 16mm = TL-D and T5). More information on Fluorescent Tubes can be found on our webpage under Fluorescent Tubes.

High Intensity Discharge Lamps

The high-pressure gas discharge lamp is a lamp which has electrical current sent through an ionized gas. Through this process, there is a gas discharge present. The pressure of the gas within the lamp is very high. The most famous High Pressure Gas Discharge Lamp is the Xenon lamp that is usually used in automotive lighting. For a high-pressure gas discharge lamp to ignite you need a suitable ballast.

There are also Compact High Intensity Discharge Lamps. These are smaller and are widely used in retail stores.

Energy Saving Lamps

 The Energy Saving lamp is a folded version of the fluorescent tube and is more economical than other light sources such as incandescent or halogen lamps. A CFL can be found with many fittings, including E14 and E27 fittings. Nowadays lamps start (by the electronic circuit) very quick and almost instantly you have full light output.

Special Lamps

In the category of special lamps you will find different types of lamps used in special applications, such as traffic lights, theater lights and lamps for many other applications.


Ballast is required by certain lamps to ignite or to ensure that the lamp has a longer life span.


The bulb emits light by the ignition of a filament inside the glass enclosure. The European Union has decided to phase out the incandescent bulb. But Any- lamp has chosen to get the bulb out of the product range. There are many good alternatives to the light bulb that are energy efficient and have a longer life span. For example the halogen lamps or energy saving light bulbs.