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Noxion Batten Waterproof for LED Tubes (EM)

Description Noxion Batten Waterproof for LED Tubes (EM)


  • Application: Industries, warehouses, parking garages, supermarkets etc.
  • Easy & quick installation
  • Compatible with EM LED tubes
  • LED-tubes have a lifetime of up to 60.000 hours
  • Available in different sizes
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Impact resistance IK08
  • Withstands temperatures between -15 and +35 degrees C


Noxion LED Batten is a waterproof fixture which is compatible with LED-tubes. It is a perfect solution if you need to update your old TL-fixtures. The fixture can be used in homes, industries, warehouses, parking garages, supermarkets etc. Lighting in these environments need to be on for most of the day which is why switching to an energy efficient LED-solution will benefit your overall operation cost.

Easy and quick installation

These waterproof battens are easy to install. The installation is simple since the only tool you need is a screwdriver. These fixtures are compatible with LED tubes. Note that for this fixture a LED tube with starter is necessary. Switching to sustainable LED is possible regardless of budget.

Compatible with EM LED tubes

This fixture is not integrated with led-chip. Instead, with this fixture you can use your existing LED-tubes or new LED-tubes for an easy and fast installation and upgrade. This fixture is compatible with EM LED tubes and starter which you can find on this page. Thanks to the long life span, reduced maintenance costs, quick installation and energy efficient light of LED tubes, a short payback period is guaranteed.

LED-tubes have a lifetime of up to 60.000 hours

LED-tubes have a lifespan of up to 60.000 hours. If the light is on 12 hours a day five days a week, it’s 60 hours per week. In one year, the light is on for 3120 hours. If we split the expected life span with the annual consumption we get a product which lasts for more than 19 years.

Available in different sizes

The fixture is available in different sizes. Make sure to choose a fixture in the same size as your LED-tube.

  • 60 cm for 1x18W LED-tube EM
  • 60 cm for 2x18W LED-tube EM
  • 120 cm for 1x36W LED-tube EM
  • 120 cm for 2x36W LED-tube EM
  • 150 cm for 1x58W LED-tube EM
  • 150 cm for 2x58W LED-tube EM

Waterproof: IP65

These fixtures are waterproof with an IP66. It is therefore possible to use them outdoors or in moist environments indoors.

Impact resistance IK08

This fixture is made in durable polycarbonate. It has an IK08 value which is one of the higher degrees of protection against external impacts.

Withstands temperatures between -15 and +35 degrees C

These fixtures are produced and designed to withstand temperatures between -15 degrees C up to +35 degrees Celsius.


Do you need fixtures with integrated led?

Have a look at the Noxion Battens on this page. With these fixtures you don’t need to buy the LED-tube separately. The Noxion Battens are waterproof and a number of models have through wiring and emergency light for extra security.


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