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Linden Label

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Any-Lamp.com has a beautiful house brand of top quality products, called LINDEN!

Known brands such as Philips and Osram are generally more expensive than non-branded or private label articles. This is usually considered to be due to the quality, but it is also for the reputation of the brand name.

Any-Lamp.com offers the LINDEN brand that are innovative, high quality products at an approachable price. This makes it possible for more people to purchase products with high quality at a competitive price.


'LINDEN' is the brand of  Any-Lamp.com. I, Bram van der Linden, director of Any Lamp BV, personally guarantee the excellent quality of our 'LINDEN' lights and cables.


The LINDEN Range

There are various types of products in the range with items such as lamps, fittings and connectors:

The LINDEN LED Strips are available in six different variants. Red, blue, green,  ± 2700K,  ± 3200K and 8000K. These rolls of 5m are to able to be shortened and are very easy to install!

  • LINDEN Recessed Fluorescent Fixtures

LINDEN recessed fluorescent fixtures are available for Philips TL5 and Philips TL-D light sources and are suitable for ceiling systems. The fixtures are supplied with Philips lamps and ballasts.

  • LINDEN Batten Fluorescent Fixtures

The LINDEN batten fluorescent fixtures have a hood which reduces the loss of light going upwards. The fixtures can be linked to each other and are very suitable for work spaces.

  • LINDEN Waterproof Fluorescent Fixtures

The LINDEN waterproof fluorescent fixtures are suitable for wet areas because it has an IP65 rating. The Ingress Protection indicates that the fixture is dust and waterproof.

  • LINDEN PL Downlights

The LINDEN PL downlights are available with one or two PL lamps and has a standard installation dimension. The downlights are equipped with Wieland connections making it easier for you to connect them too!

  • LINDEN Spotlights

The LINDEN Spotlights are available in two variants, round and square. In addition, you can choose between fixed and adjustable lighting. The square halogen lights are available in single and double fittings.

  • LINDEN Cables & Connectors

There are several LINDEN Cables and connectors in the range of Any-Lamp.com. You can find Wieland connectors, universal cables, cables and GU10 connectors.
(please note that all plugs are the European standard two pin plugs.)