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LED lights for retail: Supermarket

shopping supermarket

In the food sector, the question of the perfect lighting is necessary for various products such as fruits, meat, cheese or bakery products. The aim is to emphasize the quality of the various product groups. A clear, bright lighting gives the supermarket a fresh atmosphere, like a weekly market under the open sky. Good supermarket lighting should handle several tasks: From quick orientation to accentuation and staging of the products.

Which LED lights are for use in supermarkets?

checkout supermarket

Entrance/checkout area

The lighting should create a trustworthy and comfortable atmosphere for the customer while providing a bright and comfortable environment for the staff at the cash register.

The entrance area is used to present the store. Often the first impression decides, about the visit of the customers. A glare-free basic lighting for the entrance is recommended.

meat and fish


Meat or fish must always look juicy and fresh. Light temperature and natural color rendering are very important factors.

For red meat, it is the best to choose a warm color temperature. When it comes to white meat, it should always be displayed most advantageously under cool white light.

shelves supermarket

Shelves and aisles

80% of the environment is perceived through the eyes. Therefore, an important point is the presentation of the products and shelves.

Accent lighting emphasizes specific areas or objects in the store. The goods should always be illuminated so that they attract attention and natural colors are not distorted. For this reason LED spotlights with a high color rendering are particularly well suited.

fruits and vegetables


The lighting of fruits and vegetables should always emphasize the different shapes and colors of the products. There should be mainly worked with spot lighting and a lower basic lighting.

A warm light with natural color rendering, which protects and preserves the freshness of the sensitive products is highly recommended.

general lighting supermarket

General lighting

Supermarkets have a large shopping area and therefore need an even illumination for orientation and to ensure that all products are sufficiently visible.

Here, LED spotlights and ceiling lights are very beneficial. A healthy balance between light and shadow creates an optimal validity and conveys high quality.

cheese and bread

Bakery products/Cheese

For the presentation of cheese, and pastries, a warm white light is in the perfect choice.

It ensures that the crust of the bread gets an extra crispy look. The light color attracts attention and stimulates the appetite of the customers.

Best LED lights for supermarkets?